Haiku Practice June 2013-June 2014

harshness of aging
a mother’s fragility
evidence of dusk

June 18 2013

late night summer walk
big dipper sky looms northwest
sometimes darkness shines

June 16 2013

time is like water
disappearing in the air
equally as precious

June 15 2013

a mother’s presence
altering everyday ways
sleep like a baby

June 14 2013

like locusts swarming
opening e-mail from work
healthy response: STOP

June 13 2013

sleep lost late at night
returns in torpid noon yawn
the body insists

June 12 2013

kumquats ripening brave
little fruits smile at the sun
they teach me, “say yes.”

June 11 2013, 3

undemanding plant
thrives on little, gives back much
hard skin soft inside

June 11 2013, 2

late night clarity
always disappears with sleep
not so with all things

June 11 2013, 1

little green apples
from tree to my hands they fall
gifts from mother earth

June 10 2013

morning’s long shadows
vanish for hot summer sun
i, too, hide away

June 9 2013

chanting my mantra
want to jump out of my skin
trapped in this body
June 8 2013, 2

clearing cabinets
scraping surfaces til clean
mom comes for visit
June 8 2013, 1

summer watering
the marigolds are dying, dry
i do not want to let go
June 7 2013

2 comments on “Haiku Practice June 2013-June 2014

  1. Pinna Joseph says:

    What a lovely practice, Amira! How inspiring … Pinna

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