Personal Practice

Yogic Mystery School with Anirud Jaidev (Russill Paul)
Nada Yoga, Mantra

Active Meditation
As taught by Osho

Hatha Yoga Asana
Primary teachers and influences: Richard Rosen, Kat Myers, Peter Sterios

Training and ongoing learning through Self-Realization Fellowship Reiki Blessings Academy

Vipassana meditation
Strongly influenced by instruction & tradition of S.N.Goenka

Art as Meditation
Personal practice influenced by the work of Matthew Fox, Carl Jung, Osho

Personal Guided Practices

Dreamwork & Ritual
Lead women’s dream circles, personal dream analysis
Taught by Jeremy Taylor, Connie Kaplan, Heather Valencia
Influenced by the writings of Carl Jung, Robert Johnson, and indigenous teachings of Mexican and native American traditions

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