Innovative Inquiry

Innovative Inquiry is an initiative of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. This strategic initiative promotes the exploration of human communication through the use of innovative, experimental, and performative methodologies. We seek to stretch the boundaries of our traditional and foundational approaches for research, including not only how we study things, but what we study and how we know and share our work.

Our faculty work directly with graduate students, developing new methodologies and creative works. (Please check back soon for our “Innovative Dissing” page, where we will share the abstracts of dissertations and theses written by our students.)

At ASU, we collaborate actively with other initiatives and programs to create public installations, sponsor workshops and joint classes, and encourage student collaboration across and through disciplinary lines.

Summer 2013, we launch the “Out of the Box” retreat inviting scholars, artists, creative writers and innovators to join in an intimate gathering to share and experience their works together. The 2013 retreat is in the northern Arizona mountains in a lovely rustic camp. Pre-register for the early-bird rate of only $295 for 3 days/nights lodging, meals and events all-included!

Please visit the website for the Innovative Inquiry Initiative

Innovative Inquiry Publications

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